Both the design and implementation of the different stages of the project, consultancy and supervisory service provide a more healthy, comfortable and faster way to perform the project process. Consultancy service supports the investor to do manage his project in a professional way, starting from the very beginning of the idea, passing by all project management procedures such as perfect planning, monitored implementation and results in the assessment. In this context, as an architectural office, our principal is to provide project design consultancy in order to understand the customer's needs and expectations to present ideal solutions for the project. Our office has designed, managed & supervised several projects in many cities in Turkey, also in European cities.


We believe that the main idea of ​​architectural building designs is human comfort, privacy, and security in the light of esthetic approach. We consider all social and environmental aspects in addition to architectural bases during the design process. To be sure that the project will be implemented as perfect, we provide all about detailed drawings supported with all technical information for the project. This type of project includes residential buildings, offices, private properties.

Interior design

Since the day it was founded, Melike Battal Design Office has been carrying out an interior design project on 2 million m2 area including residential, office and public projects. While designing our projects, we determine the requirements of the spaces and share the drafts and thoughts we have prepared with you considering your expectations. With our experienced, professional, creative and dynamic team, we complete the process by considering the principles of comfort, quality, time and cost. In line with the ever-changing design trends, we integrate the aesthetic understanding of the modern era into living spaces. We are always meticulous about the fact that our designs are always original and innovative.

Product design

Product design can be considered the most important part of creating comfortable places. We care to create unique designs with ergonomic values. One of our advantages is we work with the atelier closely to operate the process properly. In our showroom, customers are allowed to experience our design and products before they purchase them. We have a broad range of products from wallpaper design to lighting design.


When we have a project to work on, we tend to consider every minute details of the projects. Instead of choosing accessories, we woıld like to design them according to the concept. Every painting works are designed by Melike Battal for every different project. According to our project concepts, artistic style, orientation and taste, paintings differentiate and significantly enhance the atmosphere in a place, being considered essential pieces for decoration.

Educational Services

As a designer, education is a part of our job. We share our knowledge with students, new graduated young designers in the field of architecture, fine arts, design and so on. Not only in the practical side of the departments at our office, but also we give lectures and seminars about the theoretical side of art history, art movements.